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Portable Document Format (PDF) - a cross-platform open format of electronic documents

Originally developed by Adobe Systems for the purpose of transferring printed products with preservation of formatting and device-independent color rendition. In 2008, PDF became the international standard for the transmission of electronic documents. Most often, a PDF file is a combination of text with raster and vector graphics, less often - text with shapes and scripts in JavaScript.
After Adobe released the free version of Acrobat Reader (later renamed Adobe Reader) for reading PDF documents, the popularity of this format began to grow. The format of PDF-files has changed several times and continues to evolve.
There are several variations of transferring text to PDF, but conditionally they can be divided into two: in the form of a picture and a text layer. Accordingly, the OCR text layer can be modified, supplemented, selected, converted. But in order to translate a picture into text, you need to first recognize it, and this is the main difficulty. Our suite contains tools for working with both types of PDF documents.

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